Dashboard: Recently Archived CRAN Packages

The below table lists all 65 R packages that are no longer on CRAN, because they have been either archived1 on or removed2 from CRAN during the last 35 days. These packages can be installed using:

install.packages("pkgname", repos = c("https://cranhaven.r-universe.dev", "https://cloud.r-project.org"))

The table shows the date when a package was dropped by CRAN and their reason3 for it. If a package has since been resubmitted and is waiting in the CRAN incoming queue, it is marked as “resubmitted” (in the ‘event’ column; currently 9 packages). Links to the most recent CRAN checks and the source code are also provided. If a package does not return to CRAN within 35 days, it is removed also from CRANhaven4.


  1. When a package is archived, the archived version is still available in the CRAN archive area together with all previous versions.↩︎

  2. When a package is removed, which is a rare event, the removed package version is completely removed from CRAN, and no longer available for download. Earlier versions might be available in the CRAN archive area.↩︎

  3. The reason, which is based on the CRAN Repository Policy, is extracted from CRAN’s manually curated PACKAGES.in database.↩︎

  4. If a package falls off also CRANhaven, it may still be installable from the CRAN mirror on R-universe.↩︎